Energy Consultants

Many homeowners have little contact with their utility. They do not need it. You may be one of those people. Occasionally you may call to let them know there is a power outage. Otherwise, you use energy each month, receive your bill and pay it. Therefore, you may not be familiar with the information on your bill or with your billing options for the energy you use. We make sure you have information. Our Energy Expert will help you understand your bill and the impacts energy efficiency will have on your bill.

Evergreen monitors electricity usage at the circuit and appliance level. Our Energy Expert can help you understand how much the electricity costs for each circuit and appliance you are monitoring. Evergreen also provides you with choices for viewing your electric use data. The Evergreen system provides a variety of simple charts and graphs that show the real-time electricity use of the circuits and appliances you are monitoring. Evergreen also provides email or text updates on energy-saving tips, or alerts if energy usage is out of line or if there is a safety concern. We know that analyzing data in different forms is not for everyone, however, so our Energy Expert can also provide this service to you.

Your Energy Expert will identify and address your sources of phantom power, unknown energy hogs, and items using power when they shouldn’t be. Phantom power and energy hogs can add significant cost to your electric bill without any added benefit to your home.

Your actions affect your carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is the sum of all the CO2 emissions associated with everything you do and use. Your Energy Expert can help you understand your carbon footprint, and how it compares to others’ carbon footprints.

We want you to feel comfortable wit h your Evergreen system and your energy bill. Our Energy Expert will ensure you are getting the most from your Evergreen system.