Track Power




The Evergreen system includes many features for tracking your power usage, including circuit level monitoring which is the only way to get the right level of granularity for informed decision-making.

The system provides 24x7 minute-by-minute monitoring of energy use, energy cost and carbon footprint, and supports monitoring of up to 100 circuits, 120v and 240v and multiple circuit panels.   Easy-to-read, interactive graphs are simple to see what causes spikes in energy use and when and where energy is used.

Appliances use more energy, both gradually as they age, and immediately when internal parts fail. The waste can continue for a long time when the sources are not easily identifiable.  Finally the appliance breaks and it requires an expensive repair.   The system recognizes unusual gradual usage changes and notifies you when user maintenance is required, such as cleaning your dryer's lint filter. It can also advise you at what point replacing an old appliance will pay for itself.  The system also recognizes unusual immediate usage changes to reveal hidden problems, to avoid the possibility of thousands of dollars in wasted energy, and to avoid expensive repairs.

“We’re looking beyond energy management,” says Martin Flusberg, the CEO of Powerhouse Dynamics. “A car tells you all kinds of things going on with engine and the vehicle. But think of a house, and you don’t have that. We want to track appliances and send alerts, like when a well pump or a sump pump dies.”  Powerhouse Dynamics continues to add diagnostics of other problems, as well. Flusberg says, “One that we just added was the result of a customer experience. The defrost cycle of his refrigerator was kicking off, so we wrote an alert for that.”

Does your home have a renewable energy system?  Your Evergreen system can tell you how much power is being produced and used and where the power is being used.  It can also tell you what can be done to reduce use and increase exports to the grid, the amount of energy, carbon and dollars your renewable system is saving and the amount of energy and dollars you are sending back to the grid when net-metering.  You will receive a text or email alert if your renewable energy system is producing less than it should be.