Save Money

Would you like to save up to 25% on your electric bill? The Evergreen system offers targeted recommendations, based on how much energy an appliance or a device uses, to help you do just that.

Imagine that experience with affordable technologies that are available today. A simple interface on your computer or other display shows you, in real time, how much energy you are using and translates it from kilowatt-hours (kWh) to something you can understand, like dollars and cents. The interface also helps you identify “phantom power”, devices or appliances in your house that are needlessly wasting energy. By the time you receive your electric bill from your utility, you already know your electricity costs and, more importantly, that you have saved money. While everyone else’s electric bills are going up, yours are going down, down, down.

There is a flux of energy management systems in the market now, one reason being people are becoming more aware of their energy use and the amount of energy wasted in their homes. Utilities expect their costs to continue to increase in the coming years, which will translate to rate increases for homeowners. With immediate feedback on energy use, a homeowner can identify whether an appliance or other device, like a video game player, is causing “spikes” in the electric load and then make changes to be more energy efficient. They may find that a dehumidifier is being left on too long, or that a space heater is kicking on when no one is home. A homeowner can also receive alerts if the refrigerator, clothes dryer, or other appliance’s power usage suggests they are in need of maintenance to maximize their efficiency and cost savings. The information imparted by energy monitors can be surprising—and inspire you to start being smarter about your energy use. It makes sense to know how much energy your home is using instead of simply waiting for the arrival of your utility bill each month.

The system has a Smart Thermostat that controls temperature settings and costs so you and your family can easily configure your preferred settings and see the cost implications of your choices in real time. You can minimize costs without compromising comfort. If you are going on vacation, simply enter your departure and return dates and your home will be in vacation mode while you are away. If you decide to extend your vacation a bit longer, simply change your return time from your iPhone, while at the beach, pool, or chair lift. Your home will be comfortable just in time for your return!