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Lutronís founder, Joel Spira, invented the dimmer in 1961. With over 10,000 lighting control products we are proud to be a partner with Lutron. Their products will save any home money in energy costs and provide an elegant solution to the traditional rows and rows of switches and dimmers replacing them with a single engraved backlit keypad. The powerful software allows for easy to changes to a homeís lighting control system. Once the system is installed it can be easily re-programmed to meet any new requirement. No more time and expensive changes required by an electrician. We maintain certified designers, installers, and programmers on staff and annually attend Lutron training to remain at the forefront.

HomeWorks is the flagship lighting control product and must be installed during new construction or substantial remodel. All high voltage wiring is ďhome runĒ down to enclosures in an equipment room where all of the magic happens. In our preferred designs there is no high voltage wiring at any keypad locations.

Radio Ra2 is Lutronís newest wireless lighting control product that can be used in any home, whether new or existing. It has more powerful features than its predecessor Radio Ra, and is less expensive, while enhancing all of the technology that made Radio Ra the leader in wireless lighting control.

Sivoia is Lutronís shading solution line of products. Shading is another form of lighting control which can contribute to energy savings by automatically opening and closing shades to take advantage of the sunís position relative to the season. Sivioa is the quietest shading solution available period.