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How can you reduce your utility bill when you don't know what contributed to it in the first place?

Each month you receive a bill from your utility. It is for the electricity you used in your home, measured in kilowatt hours (kwh). But it does not show which items used that energy or the specific times it was used. So how do you make changes to reduce your utility bill when you do not know how it was created in the first place? In other words, you can't manage what you don't measure!

Future Technologies has built a Total Home Energy Management solution that lets you manage all uses and sources of energy in your home. Our Evergreen system lets you make sense of your home's energy use. It provides you with recommendations to reduce your energy consumption. In addition, Evergreen integrates seamlessly with our control systems, thereby automating the changes you want to make and effortlessly saving you money. Homeowners with an Evergreen system typically experience a 15%-25% reduction in their electric bills!

Future Technologies also has extensive experience in utility rates on our staff so we can assist you in understanding your utility rate plan options and help you choose the plan that will minimize your utility bills based on your lifestyle.

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